From site selection and design, to comparison of alternatives and due diligence, Bay Villa can navigate the complete spectrum of the development process through completion.  We can offer invaluable advice on renovations, re-purposing and certified historic rehabilitations.  Bay Villa has partnered with many users to develop suitable spaces, has acted as a fee based developer and has created unique shared ownership arrangements within many projects.   





Bay Villa has been responsible for leases totaling more than 1,000,000 square feet and sales of properties exceeding $60,000,000.  Based on past performance and ability, Bay Villa is uniquely qualified to lease pre-construction and pre-renovation properties.  We can provide custom tailored services to maximize your property's value. 





Bay Villa can provide a full range of management services for a property or portolio of properties, including:  analysis, budgeting, financing, refinancing, leasing, repairs and maintenance, accounting and reporting, collections, compliance and all other activities assciated with the management function.  Strategies employed for asset maximization have included property renovations, cost management and proactive tenant management. 





Bay Villa can provide the critical evaluation and review between owner and contractor (and/or architects and engineers), keeping the project on track and within budget by working out common sense solutions and value engineering options along the way.